Bumble: the Sitcom

I can explain how this all started. Me: “Ugh. I used to be fun, lighthearted...now I’m so serious all of the time.” Todd the Therapist: “I want you to practice levity. Loosen up more. Pretend that your life is a sitcom.” A sitcom? I didn’t know how to pursue this until the next day when, … Continue reading Bumble: the Sitcom

Why You Shouldn’t Triage Your Date

"Welcome to the Emergency Department. What brings you in tonight?" "I'm having chest pain." (I now initiate eye contact and pay more attention) "Okay. [typing noises] When did it start?" "Five days ago." (less concerned now) "Does it hurt more when you breathe or cough?" "Yea. It hurts the worst when I cough." Bingo. You can … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Triage Your Date