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The Africa Mercy as the sun sets over the port of Cotonou, Benin 2017.
The Africa Mercy docked in Cotonou, Benin.
The screening team drives through Parakou, Benin, en route to a field screening in Natitingou. (December 2016)
Israel and his mom wait on the dock during MaxFax screening.
Israel has a right complete cleft lip. I love taking care of children with cleft lips because their smiles are twice as big. Cotonou, Benin. (August 2016)
The screening team meet with Adiza before her surgery.
Screening nurses with Adiza before her goiter surgery.
Adiza all smiles on her discharge day.
Adiza after surgery! She now has room to breathe!
Rachel Lappin, folks. One of Northern Ireland’s finest nurses. Cotonou, Benin (January 2017).
Saidou awaiting admissions on the dock.
I met Saidou during an upcountry field screening trip. He was burned years ago. He had surgery this month! Cotonou, Benin (January 2017).


©2016 Mercy Ships - Photo Credit Timmy Baskerville -
People wait in line at the Cotonou Screening Center. Cotonou, Benin (August 2016)

Nurse Kayla Innis examining patient during screening process.

Harmen Valk examines and wieghs child in screening room.
Harmen weighs an infant. Cotonou, Benin (August 2016)

Potential patients8 waits in line during screening process.

Blandine has bilateral burn contractures to her hands after a hot liquid spill. Cotonou, Benin. (September 2016)
Patient waiting in line during screening.
Mercy Ships treats many kinds of facial tumors. A hands on assessment is crucial. Cotonou, Benin (August 2016).
A group of potential Ortho patients stand on the dock.
These little gems are some of our ortho patients. Don’t be fooled–there are some lively and expressive personalities hidden behind those serious faces.
Valerie is one our pediatric patients.
Orthopedic patient, Valeria, at her surgeon screening.
Frank, the orthopedic surgeon, assess Valerie’s leg in screening. Cotonou, Benin. (November 2016)
©2016 Mercy Ships
Valerie has straight legs!
Bernadette (BEE08023) regularly attends the Goiter Clinic
Stella and Hippolyte (Mercy Ships translators) take a patient’s blood pressure during the screening goiter clinic. (November 2016)
the stilt village, Benin.
Got tomatoes?
Life is a carnival ride. Cotonou, Benin (December 2017).


mgc160222_sasimeny_pat09516_deck_7_kk0001_loThe lovely Sasimeny. She is the youngest of 8 siblings and the only girl. Cuddling is an essential part of the healing process when you’re separated from your family for two months. Tamatave, Madagascar (January 2016)


Angeline received surgery for a neurofibroma. These tumors stem from nerves and create a “saggy skin” appearance. Often these dislocate eyes and disrupt vision.
© 2016 Mercy Ships - Photo Credit Deb Louden, Voatse (MGC09562).
© 2016 Mercy Ships –  Voatse. Tamatave, Madagascar.
©2016 Mercy Ships – Photo Credit Catrice Wulf – Ward nurses Linda Van Den Akker (CAN), Kayla Innis (USA), and Elizabeth Harter (USA) with Elina (MGC07074), Sasimeny and Floratin on A Ward. Tamatave, Madagascar. (January 2016).
Noeline was scheduled for surgery to repair her complete cleft lip and palate when she got hit by a gastrointestinal bug. I took care of her on the ward until she was healthy enough for surgery. Did you notice her cute “crab hands”?