Yesterday is not Tomorrow

"Kay, are you alright?" I hear a knuckle tap my door. "Can I come in?" I bury my tear-stained cheeks in my pillows and whimper. There is nothing easy about being twenty years old. "Honey, what's wrong?" I consider the best way to answer my mother's question: my body is livid that I went another … Continue reading Yesterday is not Tomorrow


The Moment I’ve Avoided

I haven't logged into this website since May. In fact, I haven't even looked at my blog since May. This delay is not accidental; I have pondered blog topics nearly every day, yet I've avoided writing at all costs. You would think that a tumultuous and uncertain season, like my past five months, would render … Continue reading The Moment I’ve Avoided

Moons & Menstruation 

“She has five children.” “What?” I had completely zoned out. “Five children?” I glanced at the health record in my hands. “But when I screened her in Kandi she told me she has eight children. Eight pregnancies, eight deliveries, and eight living children. That was only three months ago.” Esther, my fellow team member and … Continue reading Moons & Menstruation