Coffee with a Dollop of Yogurt

"Good morning, honey." I glance up from my journal and exchange a greeting with my dad. He silently settles into the wicker chair to my left as we listen to the salty waves tumble over the sand. At nine o'clock in the morning Costa Rica already cultivates heavy morning air, which clings and sticks and drowns the … Continue reading Coffee with a Dollop of Yogurt

The Hunchback in Heels

"Okay, everyone, squeeze together! Smile!" [a pause, photographer squints at camera screen] "Hmm...okay. Almost perfect, but a couple changes: Lauren, honey, fix your strap. And Kayla, can you duck down a bit? You’re just a little too tall [laughs], and you’re blocking Dan." TIMEOUT. Do you know what just happened? I was asked to "duck" … Continue reading The Hunchback in Heels