1,000 Words

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words. My friend Suzanne happens to be pretty skilled at taking photos so I reckon hers are worth even more.

I’d love to share some of the photos she has taken of Benin. Some of are Cotonou, where our ship is docked, and others are from surrounding areas.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Blog post coming soon, I promise.



The sunrise view from the bow of the M/V Africa Mercy, facing east. Cotonou, Benin.


The entrance to the port.
Deck 7 starboard side. It took me over a year to learn the difference between “bow” and “stern” and “port side” and “starboard side.” Well, okay. I knew the words but they didn’t seem to stop me from getting turned around.


It wouldn’t truly be a sunrise without a cup of coffee, would it?
Palm trees paint the path along the Atlantic shore.


DSC_0224 - Copy
A fruit and vegetable stand, one of the most satisfying sights.
Wide open roads invite clarity of mind. Benin has pretty good roads extending throughout the country. But you must always, always watch out for the goats!
A breath of fresh air– and sand.
I think you dropped one?


Fresh fruit and happiness brought to you by roadside stands since….well, forever?


The zemi (moto) is my favorite way to navigate Cotonou. We pay about 30 cents per ride and yes, I always wear a helmet. *pats self on back*
People meander the alleys in Cotonou.


DSC_9811 - Copy
Afternoon rest.


Why wear pants when you can run better without them?


Love and peace from Benin.